ABOUT Heaven Please


    Heaven Please is a fashion brand which pursuits ethereal beauty and emphasizes fashion individuality. Established by VENUS MOTE & LARY CHEUNG, a previous fashion editor and man's wear designer respectively. The designer duos are devoted to apply their experiences outside fashion industry including arts, music, literature and so forth into their design concepts and sketches; attempting to empower fashion with insightful and perceptual values.


    Independent, Dreamy, Extraordinary. Ever since their first AW collection in 2012, Heaven Please has been searching for an alternative narrative voice for bodies from the language of design details and silhouettes. As they believe, bodies as a metaphor, reveal the owners' inner monologues without noticing on the second when they put a specific garment on.


    Heaven Please 是一個追求脫俗美感和重視服飾獨特性的時裝品牌。 曾任職時裝編輯及男裝設計師的創辦人VENUS 及 LARY 致力將他們在時裝以外的經驗,包括在藝術、音樂、文學的種種領悟帶入衣服的構圖之中,嘗試融入與眾不同的設計概念,讓時裝擁有更深度的永恆價值。