"Certainly a lot of our inspiration actually comes from our customers. They come from a variety of occupations, different ages, body types, but through observation and communication, you will find they have some common points, strong and graceful, intellectual and independent. There is a very broad imagination."


    By applying different design variations, cuttings and the forgotten craftsmanship on each of their piece, Heaven Please wishes to to bring individuality to simple clothing, so that the looks of people can speak genuinely for themselves.


    我們很多的靈感都是來自我們的顧客。 她們來自各種職業,不同年齡、身型,但透過觀察和交流,你會發現她們有一些共通點;優美與強壯,知性而獨立。 那裡面是一個很廣闊的想像空間。


    Heaven Please 希望藉著衣服的種種變奏、剪裁、被遺忘的技藝,讓簡單的衣著個性化,如同在身體上抒寫自己一樣。