1/ I made a RM appointment and am nervous about it. What should I wear on meeting day?
We understand you may feel nervous and excited, just as our styling consultants do before meeting you.
Just dress in your usual style and wear clothes you are comfortable in, so our team could know your true colours and provide subjective consultancy.

2/ I am totally inconfident about dressing up, can you give me a hand?
Your inconfidence comes from the lack of self-understanding. Our team compiles of experienced stylists and front-line salespersons who have encountered over thousand women.
They would provide professional analysis and styling advices base on your personality, shape, skin colour, job and hobbies.

3/ How long will the meeting be?
Each meeting would be around one hour to one hour and a half. We treasure the time with you.
Whether it is to communicate, try outfits and give advices. Please reserve more time to enjoy with us.

4/ I will need to dress decently for a special event tomorrow. Do you accept same-day reservation?
We do accept same-day reservation. However, it takes time to prepare a series of bespoke outfits and related information before your visit.
Due to that, please inform us and confirm RM meeting time and venue 4 hours prior the appointment. Our service is available from 11am to 7pm.

5/ What are the differences between RM and shopping at our retails stores?
During RM, our professional consultancy team will be on site to communicate with you and propose styling advices. The space will be dedicated solely to you, private and tranquil. We wish you could relax and experience your transformation on both appearance and mind.

6/ I had purchased some clothes from HEAVEN PLEASE, but still want to improve my dressing style. Can I join RM?
We welcome all customers who have not experienced RM. It is not only a service, but a channel to improve and adjust both you and HEAVEN PLEASE. Through sharing, we could learn more about your needs, and provide accordingly; also a chance for you to learn how to dress yourself right.

7/ How much is RM Personal Styling Service?
Service fee of RIGHT MAGIC Personal Styling Service is HKD 500/ 90 minutes.
Service includes: Shape Analysis; Bespoke Styling base on your shape, charm, job nature and styling goals; Personal Mix & Match Tips
; and Case Follow Up.It will be waived for over HKD 3,000 spending at appointment.
P.S. Clothes that require special order need 2-3 weeks production time.

8/ If spendings did not reach HKD 3,000 spending at appointment, could service fee be waived at my next visit?
The special offer is only eligible at the appointment made that day.

1/ 預約了 RM,到訪那天心情緊張,我應該穿什麼前來?

2/ 我對衣著打扮毫無自信,你們能夠幫到我嗎?

3/ RM 會面時間是多少?

4/ 明天有一個特別場合需要穿著得體,接受即日預約嗎?
可以即日預約,但請在到訪前4小時通知我們並確定RM 時間和地點,因為我們需要在你到訪前準備一系列提案和資料。我們的服務時間由上午11時至晚上7時。

5/ 參加RM 與平日到店購物有什麼分別?
在參與RM 的過程之中,除了有專業的團隊在場與你溝通和提供正確的穿著建議之外,整個空間都十分講究私隱和寧靜,讓你放鬆心情體驗一場內與外的提升之旅。

6/ 我之前已經在HEAVEN PLEASE購買了一些衣服,但仍然想改善自己的穿衣風格,我能不能參加RM?
我們歡迎所有未曾接觸RM的客人前來參與,RM 不只是一個服務,更是一個彼此進步和調整的提案
- 透過交流,讓品牌更了解你所需,體貼你的需求,同時讓你更了解自己的正確穿衣之道。

7/ 參加RM個⼈形象指導服務的收費是多少?
服務費用為港幣 500/ 90 分鐘,服務內容包括:身形分析, 個人造型 (按身形、個性、工作需要及置裝目的提供最合適方案),相應的襯衫技巧和售後跟進服務。
如於會面當日消費滿港幣 3000,服務費用將會被全數扣除。

8/ 如會面當天消費未滿$3000,可否於下次消費滿額時扣除服務費?
扣除港幣 500服務費的優惠只適用於該次RM會面時使用。